N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal

Hammered Floor Renewal

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The N-Hance Hammered Floor Renewal

The Hammered Floor Renewal is for a rougher floor with grey to black traffic areas that have really been worn down to the bare wood. The finish may be intact along the perimeter of the room, but the center of the floor is completely worn. Deep impressions and cross grain scratches are visible due to large dogs, children or moving furniture around, such as a piano or refrigerator. Water damage may be present on this type of floor and separations between the boards run throughout the entire wood surface. With this type of floor the technician needs to screen and fill the floor and it may take 1-2 days to finish the job.

Typical Kitchen Done in: 1 to 2 Days
Prices start around $1,000*


  • Restores grey to black traffic areas
  • Helps conceal impressions and scratches
  • Fills separation between boards

*Based on 400 sq. foot floor

5 Star Rating

"The water damage was extensive, especially to the hardwood floors. The floors were so badly damaged, the floor boards had separated and the finish was almost non existent. To our surprise, the N-Hance crew and their amazing products were able to repair our floors back to the original condition."
Ginger Cook
Southlake, Texas